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The diva speaks

The diva speaks

San Francisco Examiner 8. Jun 2009
The diva speaks
By: Jason Victor Serinus
Special to The Examiner
06/08/09 2:00 AM PDT

SAN FRANCISCO — Anna Netrebko, the gorgeous Russian soprano who regularly mesmerizes audiences in the world’s greatest opera houses, returns to the War Memorial Opera House this month.Starting Saturday, the diva lights up San Francisco Opera’s spring season with her portrayal of Violetta Valéry, the tubercular courtesan in Verdi’s “La Traviata.”In an on-again-off-again cellular interview, terminated unexpectedly as she was being driven down the Autobahn after a late plane arrival, Netrebko revealed that she does not have a specific approach to the character of Violetta.When singing Violetta, she tries to be as truthful as possible to both the music Verdi has written and to herself.By singing the best she can, characters emerge as they will. There are performances, of course, that have a special emotional charge, but this is not something that happens consciously.



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