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Dean Kamen (Segway) * Google Headlines

10 Tips for Success for Engineering Students
U.S. News & World Report – ‎hace 21 horas‎If you love Apple products, Steve Jobs may be your idol, or perhaps you love the Segway and its creator, Dean Kamen. You can easily find out a lot of …

COMUNICADO: Sony Europe despliega el sistema de detección de …
Europa Press – ‎25/11/2009‎
… los dignatarios que asistirán a la Bright Green, junto al responsable general de LEGO Education, Jens Maibom, y el famoso inventor mundial Dean Kamen. …

Wired News
Gallery: Bionic Arms Gain Power, Dexterity, Sensitivity
Wired News – ‎hace 21 horas‎
“Prosthetic legs are in the 21st century,” Dean Kamen recently told the trade publication IEEE Spectrum . “With prosthetic arms, we’re in the Flintstones. …
From Sci-Fi to Reality : Prosthetics
ValpoLife.com (blog) – ‎hace 3 horas‎
Engineer Dean Kamen and his research firm DEKA have been commissioned by the government to work on robotic prosthetic limbs for returning Veterans who have …
Inspired by iconic inventor
San Antonio Express – ‎hace 20 horas‎
When internationally known inventor Dean Kamen accepted BioMed SA’s Julio Palmaz Award in September, his inspirational message on the urgency of introducing …
Meeting the President
Virginia Connection Newspapers – ‎hace 21 horas‎
Students also met with Dean Kamen, founder of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage of The …

Wired (blog)
Gallery: Bionic Arms Gain Power, Dexterity, Sensitivity
Wired (blog) – ‎01/12/2009‎
By Priya Ganapati Segway creator Dean Kamen’s obsession for the last few years has centered on creating a bionic arm with enough electronics to make it one …

Obama Pushes For Improved Science and Technology Education
Popular Mechanics – ‎24/11/2009‎
and 2009 Breakthrough Award winner Dean Kamen. “The success we seek is not going to be attained by government alone,” the president said, and so all of the …

Vídeo: Obama to Honor Young Inventors at Science Fair
The Associated Press Vídeo:
Obama to Honor Young Inventors at Science Fair

The Associated Press
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Capital for Aquapreneurs
Appfrica (blog) – ‎29/11/2009‎
One exception is Dean Kamen’s Slingshot, a water purification device that produces over one thousand litres a day. Kamen, the inventor of the infamous …
Dec. 3, 2001: Segway Starts Rolling Wired News – ‎hace 17 horas‎By Dylan Tweney 2001: Inventor Dean Kamen unveils the Segway Personal Transporter, a two-wheeled, self-balancing scooter, on Good Morning America . … The Segway is 8 years old True/Slant Tech Wrap Silicon Valley Style NBC Bay Area los 3 artículos informativos »


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