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Today in Journalist History

Today in History

1871-03-21 –
 Journalist Henry M Stanley begins his famous expedition to Africa
1890-08-16 – Alexander Clark, journalist/lawyer, named minister to Liberia
1904-08-03 – British journalist Francis Younghusband visits forbidden city Lhasa
1932-10-20 – Journalist, Robert Trout, joins CBS

1986-09-29 – USSR releases US journalist Nicholas Daniloff confined on spy charges
1988-10-31 – Journalists demand greater press freedom in Yugoslavia
1989-05-09 – Journalist petition Chinese government for freedom of press
2008-12-14 – President George W. Bush made his fourth and final (planned) trip to Iraq as president and almost got struck by two shoes thrown at him by Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi during a farewell conference in Baghdad.
1952-03-24 – Author of ‘James Bond’ novels, journalist and secret intelligence agent Ian Fleming marries Anne Geraldine Charteris

1964-08-12 – Ian L Fleming, British journalist/writer (James Bond), dies at 56
1992-10-16 – Author J. K. Rowling (27) weds Portuguese television journalist Jorge Arantes
2001-08-04 – “James Bond” actor Pierce Brosnan (49) weds TV host and journalist Keely Shaye Smith (37) at the 785-year-old Ballintubber Abbey in County Mayo, Ireland
2011-07-01 – Journalist and executive producer Maria Shriver (55) divorces Hollywood action film icon Arnold Schwarzenegger (63) due to irreconcilable differences after 25 years of marriage

F r a n c e  


1070-06-04 – Roquefort cheese created in a cave near Roquefort, France
1429-04-29 – Joan of Arc leads Orleans, France, to victory over English
1429-05-08 – French troops under Joan of Arc rescues Orleans
1429-07-16 – Joan of Arc leads French army in Battle of Orleans
1412-01-06 – Joan of Arc, Domrémy, Roman Catholic Saint and national heroine of France (legendary date) (d. 1431)
1770-05-16 – Marie Antoinette (14) marries future King Louis XVI (15) of France
1796-03-09 – French Leader Napoléon Bonaparte (26) marries 1st wife Joséphine de Beauharnais (32), changing her name from Rose
1810-02-11 – French leader Napoleon I marries 2nd wife Marie-Louise of Austria
1850-03-14 – French writer and playwright Honoré de Balzac marries Ewelina Hańska in Berdyczów, Ukraine
1853-01-30 – Emperor and French President Napoleon III marries Eugenie de Montijo, Countess of Teba
1935-08-19 – French singer Edith Piaf (19) weds Andrew Johnseppe in Belleville, Paris
1937-06-03 – Duke of Windsor (Edward VIII) weds Mrs Wallis Warfield Simpson in France
1971-05-12 – Rolling Stone rocker Mick Jagger (27) weds actress and model Bianca Pérez-Mora Macia (26) at St Tropez Town Hall, France
1984-09-14 – Stage and screen actor Gene Wilder (51) weds “Saturday Night Live” actress-comedian Gilda Radner (38) in France
1993-04-21 – Rolling Stone Bill Wyman weds Suzanne Accosta on French Riveria
1994-12-17 – Actress Heather Locklear (33) weds Bon Jovi lead guitarist Richie Sambora (35) at The American Cathedral in Paris, France
2008-02-02 – 23rd French Republic President Nicolas Sarkozy (53) weds supermodel-turned-singer Carla Bruni (39) at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France
2008-03-23 – France’s former first lady Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz (50) weds Moroccan-born public relations executive Richard Attias (48) in Manhattan, New York
2009-02-14 – Actress Salma Hayek (42) weds French billionaire and PPR CEO Francois-Henri Pinault (46) in Paris

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